This last weekend was insane.  I got to hang out with some great artists and friends, and meet some rad new people.  The 'Double Breaks' group opening at Double Break on Friday was amazing, and the after party at Tin Can Ale was a blast to say the least.  Thank you to Louis and Matt for hosting a great show again and keeping San Dawg rad; and Michael, Jay, Travis, Jim and everyone for the good times.

Then on Saturday I had some new work in the 'Daily Consumption' group opening at a new upcoming gallery called Zepf Alternative (1150 7th ave. San Diego, CA), and had two great artists and friends, Clarke and Camille, visit from L.A.. Thank you to Andrew for letting me show my work.

...I was having so much fun I barely took any photos, but here is a mini installation I have up at Zepf Alternative until mid December:




'Value MeTal' - mixed media - 2011 - $175 (above) 



'Pizzagram' - mixed media - 2011 - $100 (above) ***wall OR pedestal piece




Southern California artists that are killing it: 

 Justin Bartlett - "Black pen Warlock" from San Diego, CA

Michael Hsiung - amazing illustrator from L.A.

 Creature x Jay Howell - 'Shred Party'

Creature x Jay Howell: Shred Party from Eighty Four Films on Vimeo.

Travis Millard - 'Ghosted' 

Travis Millard - Ghosted from Eighty Four Films on Vimeo.

 The videos above were animated by Jim Dirschberger at Eighty Four Films


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