2010  BFA Sculpture, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 

Grants & Awards

2010  Richard & Gertrude Hollander Family Foundation Grant, University of Kansas Scholarship Show             

2008  Foundations Scholarship, University of Kansas Foundations Scholarship Show

Select Solo Shows

2015   The (never before released) Unmastered Demo Tracks, Vacation Vinyl, Los Angeles, CA

Select Curated Shows

2016   Got It 4 Cheap, Carlos Queso Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2015   Good Times Bed Decisions, Carlos Queso Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2014   Shaq Jizz: Duck, Dick, Dong Dynasty, The Void, Los Angeles, CA

           The Season of Spring, Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA

2013   Master Blasters of Sculpture 5, Hive Gallery & Studios, Los Angeles, CA

           8 Year Aniversary: Best of the Hive, Hive Gallery & Studios, Los Angeles, CA

2012   Here We Were, Here We Are, The Bougois Pig, Lawernce, KS

           Paper Chase, The Invisible Hand Gallery, Lawrence, KS

           Poor Sports, Zepf Alt. Gallery, San Diego, CA

           Digging A Hole, Looking For Something (Sinkshower 'zine release), Double Break, San Diego, CA

           Shaq Jizz: New works by Muggsy Bogues and Penny Hardaway, Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA 

           Midnight On The Sun (The Dark Wave 'zine release), Fecal Face Dot Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2011    Daily Consumption, Zepf Alternative Gallery, San Diego, CA

            Art Squat: B.Y.O.A., Periscope Project, San Diego, CA

2010   Hott Sheets, Wonder Fair Gallery, Lawrence, KS

           Illusion, Disillusion, Impression, Reality, Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS

2009  Shank You Very Much, Love Garden Sounds, Lawrence, KS

2008  Toy Show, The Red Door Gallery, Kansas City, MO

Select Commissioned Work

2016   Green Room Radio Podcast

               -Wrote and recorded intro jingle 

2015   Asphalt Graves

               -Illustrated band logo

            Blobby Boys

              -Illustrated patch

2014   Antwon Nature - Heavy Hearted in Doldrums, Hyv/UNIF

              -Illustrated album cover

2013   Author & Punisher - Women & Children, Seventh Rule

              -Illustrated album layout

           Wolves Kill Sheep, Winter 2013 Line, Los Angeles, CA

              -Illustrated t-shirt graphics

2010   Misery Index - Napalm Death bootleg, t-shirt

              -Illustrated design

Select Fests & Fairs

2016    LA Art Book Fair, The Geffen at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA

              -As part of Bad Seed Printing

2013    LA Art Book Fair, The Geffen at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA

              -As part of Darren Klein's Box of Books

2012    San Francisco 'Zine Fest, San Francisco, CA

Current Art Collectives

2012    Shaq Jizz : Child Cult & Art Collective, Los Angeles, CA

Experience as a Musician

2015    Sink Shower - The (never before released) Unmastered Demo Tracks

              -Wrote and recorded 2 song cassette demo & illustrated 58 page book

2013    Vans - Death Day by Jay Howell & Jim Dirschberger              

              -Scored music behind animated advertisement

2012   Tubular Manslaughter mp3, Jay Howell's The Dark Wave comic

              -Guitars, drum editing, vocals and recording

2010    Live guitar for Christ Hate, Negativity Records

2007   Siege of America Tour, Siege of Amida Records, USA

              -Live guitar for Diskreet

            Carving Europe's Epitaph Vol. II Tour, Relapse/Siege of Amida Records, UK/Europe

              -Live guitar for Diskreet

            Infernal Rise EP - Diskreet, Siege of Amida/Candlelight/Ferret Records

              -Collaborated with writing and recording guitars

  Experience as a Printmaker

2011    Monolithic Merchandise - Screen Printing Press & Merchandise Distributor, San Diego, CA

              -Co-Owner & Art Director

2008    Viscosity Monotype, Brookhaven College, Dallas, TX

              -Printmaking workshop with artist Clint Cline